Different Types Of Industrial LED Light Fixtures To Choose From


Any industry that is operating on lower or higher mediums has the requirement of lighting. Lighting is critical for industries like manufacturing, mining, packaging, or even sports. With the requirements being heavy-duty, the light fixtures need to support such requirements. Heavy-duty industrial LED light fixtures can help your light stand against extreme climatic conditions as well as temperatures. So here we are listing a few most important types of lighting fixtures that are the best for industrial purposes:

Explosion-proof lighting

Various industries have very high risks of explosions and this can cost the safety of the premises too. This aspect cannot be overlooked and there needs to be installed the LED lights with highly durable fixtures. They will also be able to withstand sudden heat rises or pressure applications because they meet stringent quality standards of safety. 

Indoor fixtures

These fixtures find the best use in indoor locations like workshops, factory floors, or even workstations and bays. These regions have different work environments and need to be maintained with different safety measures. They will be the best lit with customized lighting solutions and you can buy these fixtures directly from online stores. Before buying these lights, you must ensure their durability and how long can they stand extreme temperature conditions. 

Roadway fixtures 

These are the places where high-powered LED lights are used to light up large areas on higher masts. Road safety is a very important aspect to look into and lighting becomes very important there. These roadway fixtures help you control the amount of light generated on-road and maintain the same based on the demands. 


This is very important lighting for sports grounds and arenas. It is both unpleasant for the players and the audience to witness the sports if the lighting is dim as it hinders the visibility to a great extent and prevents the players from performing to their best limits. Irrespective of any sport getting played, lighting is very integral and must be planned accordingly. 

Hazardous locations

Nuclear plants, mining locations, or oil rigs need well-planned lighting systems to prevent unaccounted risks. They must also install systems that do not fail all of a sudden and have a good backup. Longer life and lower maintenance are few other brownie points. 

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