Why Monitoring Employees Is Good for Businesses? Find Out Here


Did you know that employee monitoring is actually good for a business? By using employee monitoring solutions, many companies have seen a tremendous increase in their productivity and profits. Employers consider employee monitoring when they suspect some of their employees not paying attention to their work and instead spend more time accessing entertainment websites, using social media, and watching videos while at work. 

Some employees also send inappropriate emails to other remote team management software employees and waste a lot of their precious time doing nothing. They are also involved in harassing other employees in the workplace. If you do not want your employees to engage in any of such activities, it is better that you start monitoring them at the workplace. 

By deploying an effective employee monitoring tool on the employee’s device, you can keep a close eye on all their activities. A phone spy app can also be used to track your employee’s smartphone activities and know what they have been doing on their phone. 

It is true that employee monitoring can have some negative consequences but it cannot overshadow the advantages that it offers. In this post, we will briefly discuss why employee monitoring is a good thing for companies. The following reasons can justify this statement: 

Increased Security in the Workplace 

With employee monitoring tools, you can have increased security in the workplace. You can have IT security, employee security, as well as legal security. You can protect your company’s data against ransomware and prevent phishing and other cybersecurity attacks by asking your employees not to engage in any dangerous activity. For that, you need to monitor their behavior while they’re at work. 

There is also a need to protect your company from various lawsuits that result from employees accessing adult or illegal websites or conducting any immoral behavior with another employee in the workplace. 

Last but not least, you can also protect your employees from sexual harassment, bullying, and cyber harassment that happen through online platforms. This can only be controlled and stopped if you monitor your employees’ activities. 

Reduce the Time Wasted in the Workplace

According to a recent survey from Workfront, it was found that US employees spend only 39% of their time on primary tasks in the office. Another survey revealed that 55% of employees said that unimportant and unproductive meetings interrupt their flow of work while 43% said that excessive amount of emails were one of the reasons for their lack of productivity. 

Employees won’t be able to focus on their primary tasks and work better if their time is not wasted during work. If you want to reduce the amount of time wasted in the workplace and increase employee productivity then you need to monitor your employee’s activity and see what their distractions are and how you can create a more productive environment in the workplace. 

Identification of Better-Performing Employees

When you are using an employee monitoring solution to track your employees’ activities in the workplace, you can easily identify which employees are performing better and which aren’t. You can distinguish between high-performing and low-performing employees just by knowing how much work they have been doing, how many tasks they have completed, and how many hours they have been spending on a particular task or project. 

By identifying better-performing employees, you can offer them a pay raise, promotion, or bonus. On the other hand, if you find employees who have been consistently performing low, you can help them know about the reasons for their poor performance. In case their performance is not affected by someexternal cause, you can consider firing them and hiring someone else who can be a better employee for your company. 

An effective cell phone spy can be installed in the workplace, especially on your employees’ devices, and can be used to keep track of all their activities. You can track their web browsing history, phone calls, text messages, social media activity, and even location to know whether or not they have been focusing on their primary tasks and not wasting time in leisure activities. 

Informing employees about the monitoring tools installed on their devices is a wise decision so they can be more mindful of their activities and can stay away from all the unnecessary workplace distractions. 

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