Should You Hire a Customs Broker?


As an exporter or importer, you need to know your way around the complexities of customs clearance. But, you can outsource all of the stress and use the services of an experienced customs broker. When exporting or importing goods, you must collect certain documents and fill out e-forms. Depending on the nature of the goods you want to ship, you need to pay different taxes, duties, and excises. Also, many regulations govern international trade. For maximum compliance, you must be familiar with all applicable laws. 

A Clearit customs broker can help you navigate the changing regulations and understand import specifics related to your commodities. They know all entry procedures, admissibility requirements, classification, valuation, as well as the duties and taxes imposed on imported goods. 

What Your Customs Broker Can Do for You

A customs broker’s job is to help you clear your shipment at the border. To achieve this, they will help you meet state requirements that govern import and export as well as serve as a liaison between you and the relevant agencies. Also, they prepare and submit information and payments to Customs authorities for you and evaluate commercial documents to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements before their submission. Your broker will ensure your goods are correctly classified for proper duties and tax determination. 

Reasons to Work with a Broker

The following are the reasons you must hire a customs broker when importing or exporting goods:

  • They have knowledge of regulatory requirements. The best brokers work for a brokerage company that offers a complete portfolio of import and export services that include logistics, freight forwarding, warehouse, and distribution. By hiring a broker, you can be sure your business is taken care of by experts.
  • They facilitate the customs clearance process. An experienced customs broker ensures your shipment crosses the border and reaches its intended destination without interruptions. No matter the port of entry, they can facilitate the customs clearance process.
  • They help you avoid unnecessary costs. With the constantly changing rules and regulations in cross-border transactions, you need an expert in the requirements for every kind of goods. The right broker will help you avoid costly delays, confiscation of your merchandise, and fines. 
  • They verify declarations. A licenced customs broker will verify your customs declarations to ensure you don’t face fines, audits, and even sanctions for your business.
  • They handle all related paperwork. When you hire a customs broker, you can entrust all the paperwork and communication with relevant agencies to them. 

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