One For All [All in One Class 10 Study Package] Launched As Per New CBSE Syllabus 2021 -22! Here’s a Better Way To Start Preparations


Due to COVID 19 pandemic, The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has postponed the final examination of Class 10 students. The education minister has postponed the Class 10 exam. But soon after the pandemic period is over the exam will start. Though the exam for Class 10 of CBSE has been delayed you have to start preparing for the exam. CBSE has released the samples of all subjects of Class 10. Based on that, question banks have been published so that students can practice for their exams. 

Due to the absence of classroom teaching the students may find it difficult to take preparation for their board exam. But thanks to some publishers who have come up with a solution for all Class 10 students. In this article, we have come up with some innovative ideas and tips that will help the students for preparing for the board exam. If you are an aspirant of Class 10 and are preparing for the board exam then you must go through this article and follow the tips mentioned as it may help you to come up with flying colors. 

How can you start preparation for CBSE in a better way?

The following are some better ways to prepare for CBSE in this pandemic period:

  • Kown about the reduced syllabus for rescuing: The education minister has now announced a reduction of 30% of the syllabus. As such many states have also announced a similar move and the remaining states are also expecting to do the same. Under such circumstances, it is very essential to know all the details of the new syllabus before you prepare yourself for the board exam. You must adhere to the reduced syllabus and prepare well for the exam.
  • Learn in a smart way: It is important to apply those learning techniques which are very efficient. That is the reason why it is better to try mnemonics or learn some keywords as well as acronyms for saving time and effort. You should have an All in One Class 10 Study Package that will be very helpful for you in guessing the question that will come in the exam. To Find All in One Class 10 Study Package, Click Here
  • Practice the old papers: You must go through the old question papers. From the old question paper, you will be able to guess the type of question that will be asked in your exam. Some publishers have already come up with question banks that are prepared by highly qualified professionals. These professionals have several years of experience in the academic field. As a result, they can exactly guess the type of questions that has a huge chance to be asked in the board exam. Thus, going through this type of question bank will help you to cram the questions and it will enable you to secure good marks in the exam. You can also get the solved question bank where you will get answers along with the question and thus it becomes easier for you to solve the answers. These types of question banks are now available online and to Find One For Class 10, Click Here.

Hence, if you prepare for the board exam in the way mentioned in the above points then it will be highly beneficial for you. Apart from that, try to solve more and more questions that are available in the question bank. If you prepare yourself in a strategic way then you have a greater chance of doing good results in the exam and come out with flying colors.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


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