Kitchen Cabinets and Latest Styles to Create Looks of all Kinds 

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Designing a dream kitchen shouldn’t be very difficult when you know the one exclusive tip that we are about to share. The one word answer to all your prayers of having a beautiful kitchen is, cabinets. Yes, kitchen cabinets!

Who said you have to demolish an existing kitchen to create storage space and improve the aesthetics when kitchen cabinets can actually offer such benefits and even more? The kinds of kitchen cabinets that we are talking about are as follows. 

Base Kitchen Cabinets 

They look super luxurious and can create a great amount of space by storing all bulky appliances, cutlery and crockery, even food items. They can be made in wood to give your kitchen the rustic charm or you can get them designed in all white to get a contemporary touch. 

Tall Kitchen Cabinets 

Some of the most exquisite pieces, these cabinets – also known as pantry cabinets – can hold all appliances, food items, spice jars and storage containers, even wine collection and expensive crockery. 

Wall kitchen Cabinets 

The name says it all, they’re mounted on the wall. Getting them is absolutely worth it if you have a smaller kitchen. You can shift all essentials from the countertop to these cabinets, creating a lot of space. You can also use them to hold light appliances.

Now some exclusive cabinetry items that can be purchased at Entrepot Cuisine

Harmony Bordeaux Kitchen

You’re going to love this look if you’re a fan of the rustic wooden charm. Starting at $ 6,226.56 for a 10X10 kitchen, this stunning piece of furniture decor exhibits the following features. 

  • It’s finished in the perfect shade of cherry wood. 
  • Every slice of wood is hand selected. 
  • It features full extension 5-piece drawers that are joined as one in french joint style. 
  • It displays 5-piece doors with a raised panel. 

Dover Shale Kitchen

This is an absolute beauty and an ideal representation of traditional and rustic kitchen styles. Starting at $ 5401.90 for a 10X10 kitchen, it has the following USPs. 

  • It recreates the true old world charm of rustic cottages. 
  • The doors are made of solid birch. 
  • The 5-piece drawer fronts doppelganger the look of the doors. 
  • The drawers have 6-way adjustment hinges. 

Wheaton Kitchen 

This style is a perfect enchanter for people who appreciate the contemporary charm. It’s a luxurious blend of the following features. 

  1. The doors and drawer fronts feature a 5-piece style that flaunts raised panels. 
  2. The drawers offer a full extension slide. 

All in all, it’s possible to create every kind of look with the help of right cabinetry. So, you don’t have to actually demolish anything in a kitchen for remodeling when you pick the kinds of options that we have listed above. 

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