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Enjoy the creative freedom of telling your story your way (and have fun while creating) with the Mixbook photo book maker. Find a great photo book theme for your project or begin from scratch with the blank book, then customize it to your liking with flexible layouts, more than 200 fonts, and the biggest collection of backgrounds and stickers. Contact the Mixbook’s team through email or live chat to get started today.

Why Mixbook?

         Mixbook guarantees its users 100% satisfaction, primarily because it allows the following:

  •   Ease Of Creating

         With the flexible Mixbook software, you can upload your pictures from anywhere, then incorporate them into your design using intuitive and simple controls.

  •   Complete Customization

         With Mixbook, you are not restricted only to the templates. You can adjust layouts, graphics, and backgrounds or upload yours.

  •   Attractive Designs

Users can begin with pre-designed themes or develop one with the blank canvas and create something, which truly reflects their personality and flair.

Unleash Your Creativity

         At Mixbook, they believe that photos matter and that each photograph carries a story that you, more than anybody else, know best. Inside every individual is a natural-born storyteller, and they wish to empower individuals to tell their stories via intriguing and customized photo goods. Besides, personalized photo books are a perfect way to keep precious memories and surprise family and friends with an unusual gift.

Mixbook has an alternative for all events. You can use it as a one-of-a-kind coffee table book, or use it to preserve all the great memories you have made from the previous year through the year-in-review photo books. The Mixbook collection of wedding guest books and wedding photo books are inspired by an extensive range of themes, from rustic and bohemian to on-trend designs of incomparable quality.

Use baby and family-themed books to keepsake special memories such as a milestone birthday or a child’s birth. A travel photo book can be great for your family vacations and trips. Also, explore the collection of school memory books, perfect for elementary, middle school, and high school. The Mixbook’s unique designs and layouts make your school yearbook both timeless and memorable.

If you anticipate the festivity season, explore the holiday photo albums, inclusive for all celebrations, from Christian to Hanukkah themes. For your unforgettable memories and events, Mixbook has a selection of photo book themes that are beautifully designed. The featured guest designers comprise the renowned Martha Stewart, Bonnie Christine, Studio Calico, Kelly Purkey, Amy Tangerine, and many more.

To sum up, Mixbook blends trending designs with a potent editorial tool, allowing users to design unique photo goods, which truly reflect their personality and style. Moreover, their designs are unapparelled and offer flawless quality. Check the Mixbook’s wide collection of photo books and albums, available in portrait, square, or landscape orientations and offered as premium lay-flat photo books, hardcover, and softcover.

You’ll be sure to get a format that works for you. With Mixbook’s user-friendly editor, simply upload photos and begin creating today! To find out more about Mixbook, use the live chat or send an email to talk with the staff.


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