The Triple Chocolate Cookie Crumble

Written by Ariana deVries on Jan 9

The perfect way to start the New Year - with a recipe flop.

Ok, not really. And it wasn't so horrible a recipe flop that I couldn't resusitate it. It just turned into something I wasn't expecting.
I give you...

The Triple Chocolate Cookie Crumble

As the story goes, I was asked to make 2 dozen cookies for a special event. Of course I can't make just any kind of cookie, and worst of all would be to make a plain chocolate chip cookie. So I set out to make a triple chocolate cookie with skor bits.

It looked and sounded oh so delicious! I did what the recipe said (although I did add more chocolate and the skor bits), and then proceeded to wait in anticipation as the cookies baked. Little did I know they wouldn't really cook at all.

Dun, dun, duuuuuuh.

Yep. My cookies came out giant cookie. Except for 2. And because they were so chocolatey I couldn't even tell if they were cooked enough or burnt. Turns out they weren't cooked quite enough. But boy, oh, boy did they ever taste good! Even if they looked like a mound of...dirt. 

I'm pretty sure my pride was hurt more than anything else. I did end up making plain 'ole chocolate chip cookies.

So I'm writing all of this just to show you how I ended up saving this double batch of cookie goodness. Like this.

With ICE CREAM! (Frozen yogurt in my case.)
Ice cream covers a multitude of baking errors. :) Keep that in mind the next time you think you've ruined a sweet, chocolatey creation. Simply add ice cream. Voila!

Oh and another thing. Don't be afraid to try something for fear of it failing. But, also be prepared for your pride to come crashing down if it doesn't work. And when it does, laugh at yourself. A word to the wise.

Go eat some ice cream and cookies. :)

Note: For the original recipe, visit Sally's Baking Addiction. I'm too lazy to post the recipe for a failed success. Ha! ;)