Amazing Tomatoes and Peppers!

Written by Ariana deVries on Jul 18

NatureFresh knows how to do it.

My hubby and dad-in-law are currently working with a company called NatureFresh. They grow organic, beautiful tomatoes and peppers in massive greenhouses. They are a major supplier to high-end grocery stores and such the like. 

After Scott brought a box of tomatoes and peppers home following one of their meetings, I was instantly astounded at how perfectly shaped, full of colour, and solid to hold they all were. I don't think I've ever had such gorgeous tomatoes and peppers grace my home! Scott said he didn't even think about what he was grabbing off the plant. He simply picked them and they were all perfect. Wow. 

And not only did they look amazing, the taste is one to rival many! If only they were sold in my grocery store...I would be a very happy woman. (And if only I had been able to get some two weeks ago when I made my salsa!) 

We've been eating tomatoes all week and still aren't tired of them. They've ended up in sandwhiches, salads, and as a side for eggs. I quite enjoy the addition of a good, solid, juicy tomato. I also wanted to be able to savour the taste of the peppers without losing the integrity while cooking. I opted for spicy chicken fajitas (which, unforunately, I did not take pictures of). Taking special care not to over cook the peppers, we were able to truly enjoy and appreciate how delicious they were. Just the right amount of flavour and crunch.

So today's post is a little different. Instead of a full recipe, this is a simple ingredient (or two). However, I couldn't help but showcase these. The vibrant colours were incredibly summery and drew on my artistic flair. In the future more ingredients may find their photos here. I would love to create a library of sorts with all of the ingredients that are used in my recipes. That could be a while, but this is a small step in that direction. I hope you enjoyed!

*For more information on NatureFresh and their products, please visit their website (*

**I did not receive money or endorsement for posting on these products. I simply wanted to. Besides, they're delicious!**