Lamb Cake

Written by Ariana deVries on Aug 9

A great way to make a kid smile.

It's thrilling for a child to see their favourite stuffy transformed into a delicious cake.

Their eyes grow to double in size, their smile lights up the whole room, and the exclamations of joy absolutely make your heart melt.

It was something like that when I presented this birthday cake to my daughter.

Her favourite stuffy is a lamb called...Lamby (original, I know). So I decided to make a lamb cake in honour of this special animal. It was so much fun! I got the idea from Lyndsay of the Coco Cake Land blog and knew I just had to try my hand at making it. I also got the buttercream recipe from the At a Pinch blog. Best ever. 

Turned out to be a huge success. Her smile was priceless and watching the joy in her eyes while she blew out her candles made me almost want to cry. All the work that went into creating a special birthday simply melted away in that moment.

For anyone out there who may have a daughter in love with a lamb, I highly recommend attempting this one. With only a few simple tools and ingredients, you can make a kid's day.

Trust me. I've done it. :)

Love you, my sweet, two-year-old, munchkin!

Till next time, all!